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Apartment Vs House

Apartment Vs House – What Should You Choose for Yourself?

When you are finally making the decision of buying your first-ever residential property, you are most likely to be a little confused between buying a plot/house or an apartment. Although for some people the choice is very easy to make since they have very clear goals and requirements in their mind but do not worry if you do not. There are multiple things that you need to consider before making that decision so let’s talk about a few very important ones. 

Size and Space  

Moving into a house may seem like a more attractive option because even if you choose a small house, you will get more space than an apartment.

One of the biggest cons of getting an apartment is not having your own lawn or yard but many developers now have tackled this issue by providing in-house and outside amenities that include a walking track, a kid’s playground, a nice community terrace, etc.

Maintaining an apartment is easier compared to maintaining a house and the reason is the same at the end of the day – space. So, it really depends on what your long-term preference or goals are. If you have the money to go for a high-maintenance option then choose a house otherwise a nice apartment is not just comfortable and safe but affordable too. 


Since apartment living is still a new concept in Pakistan, there are not a lot of developers that are giving great amenities within their projects but we have seen the trend change in recent years.

 Now as more awareness and demands get built, the projects have also increased their offerings to include amenities like gymnasiums, parking facilities, swimming pools, and even community lobbies. A house also gives you a personal driveway and yard but if you compare them, apartments are definitely a winner for this debate. 

Privacy and Safety 

One of the most important factors for any buyer is security and privacy because technically people are buying these properties to live there with their families. We all know how rare it is to find a super safe neighborhood that does not just have a low crime rate but also effective security that lets you sleep peacefully at night. In such scenarios, apartments become preferable because most apartment buildings are part of gated communities with 24/7 security and CCTVs.

The access is controlled and there is more trust in the community since everybody lives very close to each other. However, the downside of living so close to each other may affect the privacy needs of some property buyers. Sharing walls and common spaces with so many other people often is a deal breaker for people. 

Ease of Mobility 

It is possible that at one point you might want to move to some other place in the city or country and in such a situation renting out your property will be a good financial decision. Look at this aspect as the exit strategy for yourself from your decision. In case you want to sell or rent, apartments are always an easier option than a house.

It is true that most people when they buy their home, they are usually thinking long-term but it is important to know what you might be able to do with the property later in life even if it is for living and not just for investment purposes. 

Making a Decision

A very important thing to keep in mind is that this is a very big financial decision. Just going with the first advice or following in the footsteps of someone in your circle is not the right way to go. People have different needs and different lifestyles. No matter how similar you think you are to someone, it is not a given that you both will be happy in the same living situation.

If your friend chose a house because of its high resale value or to have a personal lawn for their dogs, does not mean you will enjoy the same unless you have the same needs. Assess all scenarios and options before you reach a conclusion.

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