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The Atlantus Mall and Apartments

The Atlantus Mall and Apartments

The Atlantus Mall is brand-new but iconic retail, residential, and entertainment destination that draws visitors with a dynamic mix of retail and leisure sectors. Matrix Builders & Developers has unveiled a mixed-use property in Islamabad’s most attractive location for living, shopping, and family entertainment, sector F-17. The opulent mall combines modern architecture, style, leisure, convenience, and quality, all of which will help the mall succeed and change the way people shop.

Making the dream a reality

A highly skilled and professional team of engineers, consultants, architects, and service employees manages the project. Our staff is capable of turning an idea into reality via commitment, devotion, and hard work. Our objective is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible. Our understanding of the real estate market has helped us build and understand home concepts.

Quality and Comfort

Our two decades in business have taught us to value quality, cost-effectiveness, and comfort. These are the elements on which we rely to meet the needs of our clients. Our major goal is to build a relationship with our clients based on loyalty, compassion, and trust. This vision has fueled our efforts to offer you the resources you need to live a happier life.

Atlantus Mall location map

Appealing Aspects

  • The Atlantus Mall is located at the intersection of three major transportation arteries (Motorway, Airport, and Railway) and is easily accessible from the downtown areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is located in CDA Sector F-17 in Islamabad.
  • CPEC has proven to be a game-changer, and fortunately for us, the Atlantus Mall is located near the CPEC route.
  •  It is a project of Islamabad’s Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society. The success of E-11/1, E-11/3, F-17, B-17, Multi Residence, and Orchard demonstrates their capability and proper management.
  • The Atlantus Mall is well-known retail, entertainment, and lifestyle attraction that draws people in.
  • This is Islamabad’s most popular retail and family-residence location.
  • A stunning combination of designed architecture and breathtaking interiors.

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