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The Atlantus Mall & Apartments

Luxury and Innovation Combined for The Modern Lifestyle – The Atlantus Mall & Apartments

The Atlantus Mall & Apartments: Located in the heart of Islamabad, Atlantus  Mall is a unique marvel of modern design and architecture. For those who keep a keen eye on the real estate market in Pakistan, Atlantus  Mall has all the markers of a coveted development project. Atlantus offers a mix of residential and commercial elements that will revolutionize work, play, and living for those who invest in it.

Interested in joining this journey? Here is a quick recap of all the features that set this real estate project in Pakistan apart from others, whether you are interested in luxury apartments or setting up your dream office in Islamabad.

Central Location

This property in Islamabad draws considerable market value given its prime location. Located close to downtown areas of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi it offers to shorten the commute time for its residents and visitors. And that is not it. The Atlantus  Mall and Apartments is right at the junction of the big three roadways within M-1 Motorway, New International Islamabad Airport, and railway. 

Innovative Design

With their 20 years of history in the real estate market, the project developers bring decades of experience to the table. Having a track record of delivering projects that deliver quality and comfort to their clients, the Atlantus  Mall project offers a new opportunity to be a part of this high-impact project.

Live The Modern Lifestyle

Having an apartment in Islamabad is a dream for many. Especially for modern buyers and investors, it is equally important for the property to not just be aesthetically pleasing but also be fully functional so that it adds value to their life. The Atlantus offers a mix of fully serviced residential and hotel apartments. The extensive array of luxury amenities like indoor gyms, swimming pools, sauna, parks, and proximity to entertainment centers only offer to further enrich the lives of the residents.

Revolutionizing Work And Play

The shopping mall with a mix of various shops and a sprawling food court designed to entice visitors will revolutionize the shopping experience of visitors. The team has designed each and every aspect of the Atlantus , including the shopping mall to cater to every need of the visitors. With all top brands, restaurants, kids’ play areas, grocery shops, cinemas, and other entertainment all in one place, they do not need to go further than Atlantus  to have an ideal shopping experience. The business center is the envy of new workplaces with its modern offices, conference rooms, and cubicles where you can set up your operations.

Top-Notch Security

A 24/7 security management system with CCTV surveillance, fire alarm and full management service ensures comfort and peace of the residents and visitors to never be tainted.

Smart Parking

The struggle to find a parking space can often spoil the experience of both residents and visitors alike. Atlantus  Mall caters full-service experience by using smart parking which guides the cars to free parking spots so that you can save precious time and leave the stress of parking in the past.

Sustainable Living

Investors with a sustainability mindset who value green designs would appreciate Atlantus  Mall for its environment-friendly management. Apart from the greenhouses and 3000 sq yards of green landscape and open spaces, Atlantus  also focuses on other energy and water-saving features with solar panels and rainwater harvesting programs.

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