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Home Hunting Checklist

Home Hunting Checklist

A home hunting checklist is needed if you want to buy a home. When looking for a home, keep it close to you to help you examine home options. 


Look for dampness when inspecting a home. Wetness is indicated by moldy odors, loose plaster, and watermarked walls or ceilings. Pay particular attention while evaluating.                                    

Storage Space

Storage space is an important but frequently ignored feature when looking for a new home. It will store your vacuum, towels, linen, and junk as it is often limited in new homes.

Spacious Rooms

Make sure each room is big enough. Make sure your furniture will fit in the room. Some merchants will trick you by putting smaller furniture in a larger area, but don’t fall for it.

Test The Windows

It isn’t a big deal and takes minutes. Open the windows to check if they are alright and test for double glazing to conserve energy and keep the home warm.

Assess The Roof

Don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning installation and guarantee or follow-up with an expert opinion because a non-professional won’t know everything about the roof just by glancing at it.

Check The Floors

In the vicinity of the bathroom, look for odd sagging or dipping floors. It’s a hint that plumbers may have installed some unusual plumbing beneath the floor. Sagging floors in other home areas indicate that the structure may require attention.

Notice Wall Fractures

Small drywall cracks are unlikely to cause concern, but larger or discolored cracks may indicate structural issues or leaks. It would help if you looked for significant cracks, but you can also expect some hairline cracks. 

Watch For Fresh Paint

Keep an eye out for new paint or in the cellar or basement ceiling if the home appears to be neglected. Sometimes home is most susceptible to termite or carpenter ant damage. If you notice any unexpected cover-ups, find out why they were done.

Remain Aware of The Trees Outdoors

Buyers and even home inspectors typically overlook trees. However, trees near a home can catch fire or collapse during a storm. More minor threats include clogged gutters, roots invading basements, and bug infestations.

It Would Be Best If You Inspected Electrical and Plumbing Work

Turn all electrical components, including light switches, fuse boards, and plug outlets. You can also monitor and test the pipes using a water kit; bring a specialist for a second look at both electrical and plumbing work.

Check On Building Violations and Permits.

Get to work investigating any open violations or permit concerns that the home may be saddled with following the walk-through. If you have any doubts about the structure’s safety, check with the local building, fire, and historical society.

Virtual Viewing 

Virtual tours can be pre-recorded or live with the owner or agent. You can see the inside of cabinets, the fuse box, windows, doors, and the boiler if it’s a live session. To obtain a sense of the area and community, Google Street View can help. With Google Maps, you can see the site and how it’s changed over time. 

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