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Environmental Audit Building a Sustainable Environment

Environmental Audit Building a Sustainable Environment

Environmental Audit Building a Sustainable Environment: Currently, pollution levels are steadily increasing due to new development, industries, and factories.

It is incredibly harmful to human health and also pollutes the environment. Additionally, it can have a strong influence on a person’s mental, social, and economic ability.

Federal Government Introduced National Environment Policy

For preserving the environment and human health, the Federal government introduced National Environment Policy. All new housing should be designed according to environmentally friendly standards.

According to PM’s Special Assistant on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam, housing policy should be formulated in light of environmental restrictions.

Now, the federal government will make a deliberate effort, with the cooperation of the provincial governments, to ensure that every housing society undergoes an environmental audit to assess whether or not it is causing environmental degradation.”

Importance Of Environmental Audit

When environmental auditing is conducted, it has numerous benefits:

  • We are protecting the environment and ensuring compliance with local and national laws.
  • It is identifying current or potential future issues that need to be addressed.
  • We enable businesses to build on their positive environmental performance, crediting those who deserve it and highlighting deficiencies.
  • Identify cost savings opportunities, such as waste minimization.
  • Demonstrate the company’s commitment to environmental protection to employees, the public, and regulatory agencies.

 An Effect Towards A Greener World

Nobody wants to live on a dirty planet, and a real estate environmental audit can help you avoid future fines and remediation costs. To avoid this, planning authorities, government organizations, and private businesses frequently use this technique to assess a site’s condition and appropriateness for development.

An environmental assessment can safeguard you and your house against similar harm. An audit may encompass energy, waste, water, transportation, biodiversity, procurement, and other emissions.

Jade Heights, located in the heart of Faisal Town, is a landmark built to reduce pollution and promote sustainable development by providing verdant apartments and an eco-friendly atmosphere. This landmark is an attempt to create a more sustainable and happy Pakistan.

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