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Atlantus Mall First Floor Plan Guide

About the Project:

Shopping at the Atlantus Mall is like going to a world-class mall, but it’s also like going to a world-class lifestyle destination with upscale retailers, high-end brands, and top-notch entertainment.

There’s a good chance this idea will transform the way people shop forever! People’s shopping habits could be transformed due to this project’s innovative new features.

In the city’s heart, this wonderful mall has everything you could ask for. It is accessible to everyone in the twin cities, regardless of their location. The project aims to become the primary shopping destination for residents of the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas. Consequently, the system is designed to simplify individuals purchasing multiple items at once.

In terms of family-friendly shopping and entertainment, the Atlantus Mall and Apartments is unbeatable. A wide variety of retail and entertainment establishments can be found here.

Because the mall’s success depends on these factors, it has been designed with the best of modern architecture and the top shops and a large number of parking areas, cinemas, a fun zone, and many more.

There are one, two, and three-bedroom apartments that will make you feel like you are in your own home. Each of these residences is exceptionally well-built and offers several distinctive selling factors.


Atlantus Mall is located in Islamabad’s central business district, making this project more profitable. To be specific, it is located in CDA sector F-17 Islamabad. The approach to New Islamabad International Airport and Fateh Jhang Motorway Interchange is within a few minutes’ drive from this place.

Atlantus Mall location map


The Atlantus shopping mall has ten storeys. Each floor of this ten-storey tower has been thoughtfully crafted to have its characteristics. All of the wonderful features and benefits of the stunning first floor will be highlighted in this blog. A unique mix of commercial shops, residential apartments, cinemas, and other entertainment venues makes each floor appealing.


The Atlantus mall provides a luxurious yet budget-friendly setting for shopping and living. Commercial shops on the first storey cost Rs. 50,000 per square foot with a 10% down payment and in convenient monthly installments.


The Atlantus Mall is widely accessible, but it also offers a wide range of high-quality services. All of these amenities directly impact the comfort of the inhabitants and visitors.

Every detail has been thoroughly considered to create a comfortable living space for our guests. In addition, the building idea combines a variety of distinct features. The first-floor layout is depicted in great detail in the image below.

First Floor plan of Atlantus Mall

Total Area

The Atlantus mall covers a total area of 27 kanals, with the first floor covering a total area of 117334 sq. ft.

Facilities & Feature

First floor offers following facilities:

  • Gigantic area coverage.
  • Huge car parking.
  • Commercial shops.
  • Flexible payment plan.
  • Easy monthly installments.
  • Best investment opportunity.

Commercial Shops

The fantastic business establishments available at the Atlantus mall are a huge bonus. Those who live in a mall can shop at any time and reap the benefits of this offer.

Not only that, but shoppers may take advantage of this by visiting and shopping in this location. There are 114 commercial shops on the first floor of Atlantus Mall, out of 392 total. Atlantus has more than 100 brand outlets, making it one of the largest retailers in the world.


Shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, and apartment complexes hire security guards to protect residents and visitors. It develops a sense of safety while ensuring that a qualified security guard or guards always watch over the location.

There are several choices in Atlantus Mall. The following are electronic monitoring and surveillance at the cutting edge of technology:

  • Full-Service Management Systems.
  • Individual Unit Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Common Area Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Common Area CCTV Surveillance.
facilities and security of Atlantus Mall

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this project. We are right here to assist you.

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