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Construction Sector Being Given Industry Status

Construction Sector Being Given Industry Status

Real estate, the fastest growing sector with ever-increasing worries, has been left behind without an ‘industry’ designation. It also contributes significantly to Pakistan’s economy, strengthening dozens of related companies and generating significant cash for the government. For realtors, it was discouraging that their sector was not even recognized as an industry.

PM announces to give Industry status to Construction Real Estate sector

Considering the significance of construction, the Prime Minister has announced that the construction sector will be raised to that of an industry. A robust CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) would be established to govern and encourage this business.

The real estate sector in Pakistan is expected to grow in stature and development due to this decision. Housing society such as Jade Heights located in B-17 Islamabad thrive and contribute significantly to Pakistan’s real estate infrastructure. The future of real estate in Pakistan is regarded as bright and brimming with profitable investment prospects.

Announced Incentives include

It includes plenty of incentives for builders, developers, and contractors. These include decreased tax rates and the elimination of several taxes that formerly harmed the sector’s ease of doing business.

  • Nobody will be questioned about their source of income if they invest in the building business this year.
  • The construction sector will have a fixed tax rate, and constructors will be taxed on a per-square-foot or per-square-yard basis.
  • All construction sectors, excluding steel and cement, will be exempt from withholding tax.
  • Sales tax reductions will be coordinated with provinces.
  • Any family that sells their home will avoid paying capital gains tax.
  • A Construction Industry Development Board will be established to assist the construction industry.

Reasons for Declaration

  • Real estate is one of the industries that generate the second-highest level of employment and contributes to the country’s GDP growth.
  • Construction is a significant employer in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan’s construction sector contributes up to 380 billion PKR to the country’s gross domestic product.
  • According to the Association of Builders and Developers, pending cases involving building and housing have a monetary worth of Rs. 1.1 trillion.
  • Fitch Solutions forecasts an industry value of Rs.2,705.5 billion by 2028, indicating the housing and construction industry’s potential.

Expected Benefits

  • The sector will have the ability to access financing from financial institutions.
  • Obtaining ‘industrial’ classification will facilitate the approval of loans for projects.
  • With industry status, the real estate sector will have an easier time obtaining government clearances.

The declaration of the construction industry as an “Industry” is a ground-breaking move that will aid Pakistan in its development and growth into a powerful and prosperous nation. 

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