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Types of Real Estate Investment

Types of Real Estate Investment

Types of Real Estate Investment: Choosing the appropriate type of real estate investment for your needs and budget is easy once you know them. There are two types of real estate investments: physical and non-physical. Physical real estate investments include raw land, residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. However, non-physical real estate investments are real estate investment trusts (REITs) and crowdfunding platforms.

Raw Land

Raw land is undeveloped land that has not been prepared for building. But buying land for development requires market research. It demands a high level of capital and extensive knowledge of real estate, building laws, zoning regulations and local residential and commercial rental markets.


Residential real estate includes single-family homes, condos, and vacation properties. Residential real estate investors generate money by collecting rent (or regular payments for short-term rentals) from tenants or selling their properties for a profit. Individuals and families generally rent residential units.


Commercial properties are defined as any property utilized to generate income. Commercial properties have longer leases and can attract higher rents than residential properties, allowing owners to earn more consistently over time. Industries, retail, warehouses and factories are examples of commercial properties.

Mixed-use Properties

Mixed-use property is a form of property that has many uses. It has both business and residential components within its boundaries. It can be a blend of housing, stores, and offices. This property must include residential units; a combination of malls and offices is not mixed-use real estate. It gives investors access to high yielding but high risk real estate projects.


Real estate investment trusts (REITs) own commercial property and are publicly traded (hotels, offices and malls). Investing in REITs allows you to own real estate without many of the dangers that come with direct ownership. They are also more liquid than other real estate investments, allowing you to sell your shares on the stock exchange if you need cash quickly. 

Crowdfunding platforms

Real estate crowdfunding platforms give investors access to high-yielding but it includes a lot of risks. Non-traded REITs are hard to get your money out of because they aren’t traded on the stock market. It means that your money will be invested for a long time, and you may not be able to get it if you need it. Many crowdfunding platforms are new and have not yet weathered an economic crisis. 

Best Investment Type

Choosing best real estate investment type varies depending upon your requirements. But the most appealing investment kind is mixed-use property. Also, there is an increase in mixed-use property development as they offer a wide range of amenities. It allows the owner to diversify their property portfolio and reduce financial risk. It has low vacancy rate, high rental value and multiple income stream. It offers social and environmental benefits. The people living and working there can shop locally, reduce transport usage and enjoy higher levels of social interaction. For tax calculations, mixed-use properties are generally classed as commercial developments. Units within mixed-use buildings can share the same utilities, services and security provisions. Jade Heights B-17, Jade Heights Faisal Town, and The Atlantus Mall & Apartments are premier mixed-use properties in Islamabad. They are undeniably remarkable due to their beautiful architecture, unique amenities, and breathtaking views.

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