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Overseas Pakistanis And Real Estate Investment

Overseas Pakistanis And Real Estate Investment

Overseas Pakistanis And Real Estate Investment: For any overseas Pakistani looking to tap into the investment potential of their home country, real estate is the ideal sector for this purpose. The real estate market in Pakistan is a sound investment option due to the historic stability of the market and the upward trend over time. What is more, with the boom of new development projects, now is a good time as any to explore what value these investments can bring to you.

Visit Virtually

The first problem that overseas Pakistanis could run into is how to view those luxury apartments or property being so far away. Coming to the country to browse through the options in the real estate market can be a big commitment in terms of time and money. But that is no longer a challenge. With most of the well-reputed development projects advertising their information online and the availability of looking up every single detail, this is not necessary anymore. Before investing in a property, whether you are an overseas Pakistani or a domestic buyer, it is imperative to research each and every aspect and visit the property. And all of these you can now also do from the comfort of your home thanks to the internet.

Invest in Legitimate Projects

Not all real estate development projects are created equally. And care needs to be taken especially if you are an overseas investor. A good rule of thumb is to choose projects that fall within the administration of local authorities. For properties within the capital that would be the CDA – or Capital Development Authority. Other safe options are those under the regulatory administration like DHA – or the Defence Housing Authority.

Look Up The Past Projects

There is more due diligence to do before investing in a real estate project. It is also a good idea to look into the developer’s other projects. Doing so can give a good feel of how successful their past projects have been. This information along with all the other research can help in assessing the property and aid in determining if the project is worth investing in. Whether you are looking to invest in a luxury apartment or a house, the developer’s past projects’ performances can be used to forecast how the new project will do.

Assess The Property

Do not passively look at the information they put out. Go through the list of what timelines and progress the developer have promised, the actual progress on the project, and your own list of requirements of the property. This stands true for whether you are investing in a housing scheme or a new project. It is necessary to look at the progress and also to assess the architecture, design, and location of the property. The value of a real estate can rise depending upon the location of the property, its centrality, and the facilities available. Projects like Jade Heights in Faisal Town and Jade Heights in B-17 Islamabad boast all the aspects of valuable facilities. The access to main routes, transport, civic facilities, utilities, and amenities for residents is great examples.

Investing in the real estate sector is a great opportunity for getting a good return on investment. With many new real estate projects in the works and guidelines on policies from the Overseas Pakistani Foundation, overseas investors can invest with confidence.

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