BusinessInnovative Ideas: A Necessity for Successful Marketing Campaigns
Necessity for Successful Marketing Campaigns

Innovative Ideas: A Necessity for Successful Marketing Campaigns

Innovative Ideas: A Necessity for Successful Marketing Campaigns

With today’s market saturated with hundreds and thousands of companies and marketing agencies, it can become hard to stand out amongst other competitors. To be able to mark your own place and leave a lasting impression on the consumers requires a combination of creative, smart, and funny that is not easy to find.

The current marketing environment is competitive, and the consumers expect companies to be unique and exclusive from others in the industry. Every day brands can be seen exhibiting content and creative ideas that are designed to not only boost their sales but also mold an online presence that is exclusively theirs.

Here are a couple of brands who sparked everyone’s curiosity with their creative and quirky marketing antics:

  • Graana’s Chand Ka Tukra Campaign

Graana caught everyone by surprise by announcing that people can now buy land on the moon with just a few clicks, through them. Intrigued and somewhat skeptical, people swarmed to the Graana socials signing up for their personal piece of land on the moon because let’s be real, who wouldn’t want that?

Later the company revealed it all to be an April Fool’s Day prank that was based off a viral video clip roaming around on social media, gaining attention for its absurdity. Using this creative approach to designing a campaign around the question ‘Chand ka tukda chaheye?’, Graana was able to establish its presence in the market and gain the favor of their target audience with their humor.

  • Jovi Ke Andar Kya Hai?

An element of mystery when executed perfectly can do wonders for a brands teaser campaign. If you are a resident of the twin cities, you must have seen ads and billboards on every turn with the text ‘Jovi ke andar kya hai?’ The continuous exposure to these billboards made many people curious to find out what is Jovi and what is the answer to the question plastered everywhere. This style of teaser campaigns does a good job to get people talking and builds anticipation amongst the people which is all one can ask for from a launch campaign.

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